Friday, May 25, 2012

Elderflower champagne

 Not quite sure of the champagne bit but it is sparkling fresh on a hot summer day.  I have made it for years, and it disappears quite quickly, always keep an eye on it, just in case the top of the bottles comes off. Plenty of lemons, sugar, a dash of white vinegar and then those beautiful scented panicles of white flowers with their small yellow centres are plunged into the water.... Only problem is we don't have enough bottles!


  1. Our elderflowers aren't out yet, but once they are, I will be trying this. Same problem with the bottles though!

  2. Hi Em,

    Well it's bottled in some whiskey bottles, and one wine, suppose there is something to be said about not having corked bottles and screw tops instead.
    Good luck with yours ;)