Sunday, May 27, 2012

Solva - The Gribin

The promontory fort at the end of the Gribin

A couple of weeks ago I found some news about another settlement being discovered on the Gribin ridge overlooking Solva, that there were now three settlements along its ridge. They are presumably Iron Age, perhaps lived in at different times,  though it could be that the large 'D' shaped enclosure at the end would be defensive.  I only knew of two, the picture above is the promontory fort to be found at the end of the ridge, small step like banks are all that remain of this one.  The other is in the middle of the ridge is small and I must have walked over it many times, the last one lays at the furtherest end of the ridge and is the 'D' embanked enclosure.
I have always loved this fairly short walk up the cliff from Solva, honeysuckles twine in the hedge plants along the cliff path, and then you can look down on the two valleys, one of the village of Solva and the other of the valley below, with its old field walls still showing through very wet and boggy ground.

The 'drowned' valley with the Gribin to the left

The narrow rocky path

The 'D' enclosure I/A
Old field wall across the valley

This is one of the small banks of the promontory fort at the end

the little river that runs through

Stepping stones
More information here on Megalithic Portal


  1. You have made me want to drive down and explore myself. I have to say, we have only driven through Solva on the way to St Davids.

    Interesting archaeology and just the place for a promontary fort. Any associated finds I wonder, or hasn't it been excavated? Must check out what used to be called the SMR.

    Will answer your e-mail today, finally. (Hangs head in shame)!

  2. Hi BB, Doubt it has been excavated, these settlements are difficult, though the one at Porth y Gawr has and the St.David's Head one by Sabine Gould in the 19th century.
    Do try and walk up on the Gribin it is well worth the effort ;)