Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Cheesewring @ Creative Commons

Well tomorrow we are off, bags packed and plants watered, though there apparently seems to be a deluge tonight, and the summers are going to be miserable and cold till about 2023 according to the meteorologist's meeting yesterday, but of course they could be wrong... We are seeing prehistoric stones on Bodmin Moor, that is why you see the old Cheesewring at the top.  Trevethy Quoit will be one place we visit, I have a print of it above my computer, alongside The Cove, Avebury and Stanton Drew stone circle.
Been busy spinning bluefaced leicester wool, making cushion covers at the moment, and have pulled out my 'patchwork' knitted rug to do more work on.  Not excited by the long journey East to West, though we maybe go past Stonehenge on the A303, unless of course there are thousands flocking for the solstice...

Trevethy Quoit @ Creative Commons
The Cheesewring keeps nagging at the back of my mind, maybe this article