Saturday, June 29, 2013

Duloe Stone Circle

It is a cosy little stone circle situated in a field in the small village of Duloe, sparkling white with the quartz that make up the stones, a small white crown in a field of green.  Maybe the stones were set around a burial mound, there is a mysterious lumpiness to the centre, but apparently up to the 18th century it had a field hedge going through which could also account for this.  A more detailed explanation is here.  
A friend told us the story of a lady dowser, who would not go into the circle because of the scary hooded figure of one of the stones, featured above, strangely shaped but felt no evil impulse there.......

  Attaching a video that pottered through my email  yesterday.  Sacred Land Video


  1. hello Thelma, this is very interesting. I had not heard of Duloe, but I see from the link, it is in Cornwall.
    The hooded figure is fascinating!

  2. Hi Kath, Yes we had a brief time in Cornwall. The three Romano-British genii-cucullati (or hooded) figures are quite famous round Bath and Gloucester.