Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lanyon Quoit

Lanyon quoit is so famous that perhaps it needs little in the way of explanation, though there is one here, we missed the layby and walked back up the road to visit it. one thing you will notice is the foxgloves, they graced the hedgerows everywhere, tips curling upwards towards the sky.  Cornish hedgerows are beautiful, unfortunately I had to get rid of all my 'wild flowers' photos because of space.  It is a heavily restored cromlech, and one of eight in Cornwall.  We had to drive for over an hour to get to this part of Cornwall, West Penwith is a treasure trove of prehistoric stuff.  But we intend to take a cottage next year so that we can explore this area, also missed the Zennor Quoit though we did make it to Zennor village and the pub, and it was sunny and warm.  LSs cousin also has suggested that we 'house sit' their cottage next year whilst they go away on holiday, hens, Lillie the dog and Kittie the cat!  Holidays are coming in quite thickly, our American friends have also asked to join them in France this morning for a prehistoric ramble but I am not too sure on three days in Paris.....


  1. Gorgeous and I think foxgloves always add drama to a photo!

  2. Loads of foxgloves lined the hedge banks, tips still unfurling. Used up all my space on the camera though, so had to ditch the wild flowers!