Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diary notes

Whitby basks in fine weather and it seems set to stay the same for the week, still the same as ever, tourists abound, though we met a lot of sunday traffic of cars and caravans coming away from the coast.  
Family discussion last night,  three of the family go down to Todmorden this afternoon towing the caravan behind the Chrysler with trepidation, and it will probably take the more sensible road to Middlesborough, and not try the steep hills of Sleight and the one before the Hole of Horcum. My daughter and Lillie below will stay behind, we had a take way of fish and chips last night from Fuscoes, probably the best fish in town after the Magpie, below Lillie is waiting for a different take away.  

She sweetly read us the Owl and the Pussycat whilst her parents were on the phone dealing with another problem, she can be such a darling at times though mischievous.  Today we are probably going to Staithes to look round the shops, LS is reading Jamaica Inn at the moment for a passage about a stone circle, such things he collects and notes down in his blog.

Of course none of the above happened, just shows you when a diary entry can go wrong.  All of them decided to go, my daughter has just phoned, two children safely delivered to new schools, the other goes later, caravan arrived safely, neighbours helped with the installation of the electrics and they all slept happily in it. They are coming back the weekend, so we shall see them before we go....
Went to St.Oswald's church at Lythe, which has quite a few Viking carved stones, hog backed grave stones, the photos will have to wait till next week.  Excellent display in the church, the lights go on as you approach the stones, and there are large illustrations showing this Viking cemetery which overlooks the sea towards Whitby Abbey.  When you approach the church the first thing to strike is the solid lines of gravestones, maybe a couple of hundred facing out East to sea, it gives a feeling of rigidity to the whole grave yard, and a sense of the strong community feel about the sea.


  1. Namaste Lillie, you are adorable!

    1. Hi Kath, not so to her two middle siblings, who wanted to leave Lillie behind with Tom the oldest and the cat....

  2. Magpie fish and chips - nothing beats it.

    1. Hi Weaver of Grass, Fuscoes gets the prize each year though ;)
      Magpie is very good, we actually eat the other fishes on the menu, LS loves squid (I don't,) but in the restaurant we sit next to people with the traditional f/c, bread and butter, mushy peas and of course a pot of tea. Trouble with the Magpie you always have to queue to get in through the warmer months, or of course you can sit on the wall with the gulls eating them out of a box...