Thursday, September 5, 2013

Staithes once more

A friend in Cornwall sent me an email yesterday joking, O said he, you are going to to one of those bleak east coast villages looking over a barren sea, well perhaps in winter the bleakness of these fishing villages is hard to miss.  That steep walk down  to the village is a bit off putting, as cars are not encouraged through its narrow lanes, and will of course end up nowhere but in the sea.
There is a bleakness to the cliffs, (I could see a tumble of sand streaking its way down the face), layered rocks and soil/sand, fossil rich of course, it does not have the charm of the West coast of Pembrokeshire but the Yorkshire villages definitely have more style than Welsh villages. We ate our sandwiches overlooking the harbour then walked round the pub to the quay only to find a television crew filming. What this funny little scene was about I could not tell maybe a children's programme, Bernard Cribbens dressed sailor fashion, a lady dressed in old fashioned style on a bike receiving an empty cake box from another lady which tumbled to the floor several times in as many takes, she was also 'famous' but I don't know who she was.
After this we walked up to the arts and craft exhibition in a small hall, some beautiful stuff there maybe we will go back this week, I do feel that it is important to support such craft work, must be heartbreaking making things all the time but then not selling.
Anyway just outside the hall was a little garden at one end a large buddleia bush, all I can say that it was filled to capacity with butterflies living up to its reputation as the butterfly bush, could have sat there all day watching them feast.  We had noticed earlier butterflies seemingly come in from the sea, though probably had they been to drink at the small river that flows into the sea I wonder.
In the evening we went had a meal at the little Italian restaurant in Skinner street, an anniversary meal, my pasta was a bit too lemony but was delicious, and finished with a dessert (don't normally do puddings) but blackcurrants and gooseberries were in two of the dishes.  Sadly the gooseberries had been left at home so I had to have strawberries and raspberries in the pavlova but delicious anyway.


  1. My partner would be with you on the 'too lemony' front. I am often guilty of this crime!

  2. Hi Em, lemons are always by my side as well when cooking a gentle squeeze brings out flavour of course, also the 'very fashionable' balsamic vinegar has crept into cooking and there was plenty of that as well. We just all have different palates of course....

  3. Yes Thelma, give me the East coast villages any day - particularly here in Yorkshire, where there are such spectacular cliffs.

    1. I must admit that the moors and dales are very beautiful, and probably outrank other 'wild' places in England, but then each segment of the British Isles has its own special moment...

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