Monday, February 10, 2014

Bronze Age bling

Whitehorse Hill Bronze Age bracelet

This is a photo of the Bronze Age cist found on White Horse Hill on Dartmoor, forget the funny pyramid in its centre, this is just a walker's cairn, but focus on the rocks below, this is the cist.  Uncovered in 2009 I think, what came out of the cist was a revelation, at least for Dartmoor.  The cremated ashes were covered in a fur wrap, which washed up beautifully by the conservators; also a plaited bag which contained inside a necklace of 35 beads, and strange little studs, sometimes mentioned as earrings but more likely to be buttons.  The find also included a beautiful bracelet made out of woven hair (I think horse) and tiny tin studs.  You can find
the story on this BBC episode Mystery of the Moor, which runs to the 13th Feburary
I have followed the detail of this news for several years now, and so it's eventual analysis is great, was it a young female buried with her 'bling' I wonder.  There is something very poignant about such burials, all to easily we fall into the media news of high status/princess burial, but it could well be that she, and I have to see her as a she, was a much loved daughter, we cannot tell either way.
I can find no photo of her bracelet on line, though here is a news item on the Dartmoor 'Treasure Tomb discovered, with photos of the fur wrap and bag.

It reminded me of what I want to collect, which is strangely bracelets, small and portable, this little hoard of mine was bought for £10 in Whitby at xmas, also brooches seem quite collectible now as well....  the bracelet is Indian but very pretty...


  1. Lovely thelma. Brooches are just not fashionable to wear and I have several quite beautiful ones - now I shall call them the beginning of a collection and look round to see what I can add.

    1. ;) Yes do, it is because they are small and do not take up much room, in fact I have decided with bracelets that one of those tree mug holders would be just right for display...