Saturday, February 22, 2014


Waking up this morning I tried to puzzle out something my daughter had said yesterday, "I knew I was going to be happy here two years ago".  She is of course talking about Todmorden, they both have jobs now, she has just had a promotion to manager in the charity shops she works in, after worrying that as she was the last in she would be the first out.  The charity which is a greyhound one has lots of shops round this part of Yorkshire, charity shops are profitable these days and though my daughter is not the greatest dog lover on earth, she seems happy there.  
Yesterday afternoon did not go well but progressed to a better outcome. Starting a migraine, I immediately took a pill which at leasts stops the visual disturbances if not the headache.  The phone rings, there is a very cross Karen the cleaner for the cottage on the phone, she has just finished cleaning the cottage after the latest visitors and the new vacuum cleaner has blown up and given her a scare.  This is the second one to go, and I promise to get her a new one, via the family as they are going to stay there next week in the half term.
Phoning my marvellous son-in-law, and he says he will go down to the market in Todmorden and try and pick up a reconditioned Dyson there today.
Darron apart from working in a full time time job also has been working on the house in Tormorden, photos flash through on his F/B of the latest work of stripping the walls of this house, he found tongue and groove wood on the walls in the kitchen, goodness knows from what period.  Last week they had a new roof put on, only for it to start leaking two days later down the chimney breast, but luckily the roofer had just appeared to put it right yesterday.
I talk to my granddaughter Matilda on the phone, then 10 minutes later the phone rings again,' who is that' LS says 'it's me' says a small voice at the other end, Lillie feeling left out of talking on the phone and we talk, at least I talk and she answers in monosyllables, but does tell me about the roof problems.  We both miss the grandchildren, only Lillie can work our remote controller for the DVD with complete ease, hopefully they are all coming down later in the summer to stay for a couple of days, I might even brave the horrors of the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford for them.

Meditating on elephants - Boon Thong enjoying a peaceful time in her life after years of working with a broken back.


  1. Yes Todmorden is a lovely, friendly place - some of our nicest friends come from there. Also Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd - we are heading that way tomorrow!

    1. Yes that is what my daughter said yesterday, everyone is so friendly you can go out for a coffee and then invite people to lunch as well. There is a cafe round the corner from the house, Kava Kafe and the owners are so friendly ;).

  2. I'm glad the retired greyhounds have their own shop for fund raising. They are the singular worst treated breed, bred purely to race, discarded at a young age and often, just shot. It breaks my heart, as they make lovely pets, quiet and contented with two 20minute lead walks every day.
    I loved the photo of the children, they look really adorable.

    1. There are several shops Kath, the person who runs the shelter keeps about a 100 greyhounds and lurchers in tip-top condition, Matilda who has always wanted a dog may get one, we will see.