Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday 26th May

I haven't written much lately as life is quiet and I spin wool furiously.  Yesterday the internet did not work for this computer and so my love spent a couple of 'techy' hours trying to work out the problem, he has so much patience whereas I was quite happy to be not connected.  Anyway the problem was eventually sorted, there is a little 'f' button with the internet sign on and I must have accidentally switched it off.  We turned the computer practically inside out to find the 'switch' one diagnostic tool told us about, what we did find was a place to put memory cards in, which I suppose is a bonus, and my router does not need replacing but the battery for the computer does!
The last scrolls were finished in the studio last week, they are modern paintings done by the sister of a client and have hung round for ages.  So what does that mean? well I can go and spin in the studio, we are not quite sure what to call it now but maybe it will be a 'hobby room'. 

Also we have begun to talk about getting a dog, now my choice is limited here, one that does not drop hair - poodle?, though I dearly love shaggy collies, perhaps in the next house.
Not having a companion animal to walk with has been one of the things I have missed terribly, I chatter on a walk as I record absentmindedly  plants, animals and birds.  LS has got quite used to it, but he does not always want to go on a walk, so perhaps a canine ear will come in useful.
We have been talking about going down to Cornwall again, but holiday cottages are so expensive, and by the time I find somewhere the link manages to get lost.  My aim is to explore middle Cornwall around Lostwithiel, although we have not done the prehistoric remains round Penwith Moor which is as far south as you can go, one of the richest places for prehistory.  Bodmin Moor will always be close to my heart, just for its bleakness, but is really not a place to live on, as the mists come down regularly along with the cold and the wind!

The Hurlers Stone Circles

This 'crystal' pathway was excavated last year, a ceremonial path leading to one of the circles.  The turf has been replaced but one jagged white stone still sticks up in the centre.

A shaky video of the stones

And what I am reading at the moment - Boneland by Alan Garner. . The last of the Weirdstone trilogy  (written for adults this last book).  Colin has now grown up, is a scientist
at Jodrell Bank, but still searches for his twin sister in the stars. Two narratives sit side by side, the modern world and the shaman like figure that guards Alderley Edge.


  1. What sort of dog? I have never been without one in my adult life Thelma and every one has been a different breed. I have loved them all and had really wonderful conversations with them - pugs, english bull terriers, german short haired pointers and - at present - Border terrier. What I have found though is that it seems possible to get closer to a bitch than to a dog.

  2. Well one that does not lose too many hairs, quiet, no barking all the time. I love collies the long haired ones. Being sensible is the quality I look for in a dog, a friend has always had the German short haired pointers but they never seemed to be very obedient. It is probably going to take ages, a good rescue dog maybe. As a child we had spaniels, and once my grandfather bought me a St.Bernard but sadly it had to go back to the kennel, because it was just that a kennel dog and not house trained!