Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday 28th May

For those who live in Wales, the small village of Solva (just one of my favourite places to live) is to be the place for a new Under Milk Wood to be filmed, so don't book at the Cambrian Inn from the 23rd June...

Most days I trog through the news to find things of interest for LS's blog, sometimes this can take an hour or two.  Sometimes I can spend time chasing news articles through links as I try to nail a particular point, this morning for instance Neolithic long barrows (long since defunct) at Coate, a place within Swindon that is in grave danger of development.  Swindon is looking towards 60,000 houses to be rebuilt in the future, terrible thought but why? I cannot answer that question, we are TOLD by those that rule this is imperative, but as always there are grave repercussions on the landscape.

A friend has just sent a link of a short video of an aerial view of the Cheesewring and Stowes Pound in Cornwall, and it brings back memories of walking up to the Cheesewring and noticing a sheep trapped on a ledge within the quarry.  Of course I worried, knowing that farmers would just leave it to die, and as I watched the trapped animal go from side to side from a distance, my mind became agitated and I did not enjoy the walk.  Well all is well in this little story, walking back and turning round there was an empty ledge and a foolish sheep above still looking over the edge of the quarry and dicing with danger.

You can just spot a dab of white below the edge..
Click on photos for a better view....

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