Wednesday, September 10, 2014

North Yorks

Yorkshire is a beautiful place, especially when the weather is good, and as we travelled to Kirbymoorside and Thornton Le Dale, the impression you get  is a substantially wealthy county.
But house hunting is not for the faint hearted, lots of pretty cottages facing onto village streets but then where is the garage?
So yesterday we visited Kirbymoorside, a typical country town, small and quiet, we had seen a town house with five bedrooms here, but the photos had not shown that the 1600 years century house was attached to a fairly substantial Georgian hotel with a big terraced garden which though separated by a large wall would still have been noisy in the evening.  The house even had a wobbly chimney (which was cute but not practical), the owner came back from shopping whilst we were contemplating the house and seemed nice enough, extolling the virtues of a 'proper' town, but nowhere to walk the dog (I have not got yet) easily.
Thornton Le Dale is very pretty with the river running through the town, but is ultimately a tourist destination, and its shops reflect this, lovely cup of tea though! Ducks galore, and the car park is a great walled area, which must have been in its time the walled garden of the 'big' house, now a care home.

This is Thornton Le Dale, it even has a chocolate shop in it.......

Kirkbymoorside below is a substantial small town....

The house with a crooked chimney, and has a plaque on the wall, Lord Villiers I think once lived here, funnily enough there is a crooked chimney stack in the top bedroom of this cottage, as it tapers up into the roof.
The truth of the matter is that estate agents photos of houses are always much better on paper, they must be air brushed, but I notice from the photos that it has an aga in the kitchen, something my daughter has now got much to her delight, and now keeps her kitchen warm.  My poor son-in-law is still fretting in hospital, a clot has been diagnosed but not in the lungs, which I suppose is one good thing, 


  1. This lack of a garage is the same in all the places up here. Our village in the Yorkshire Dales suffers from it. The trouble is that the cottages were built long before cars were even thought of and they were built close together, often for warmth. Do hope you end up this way. Hope also that your son in law improves.
    On the subject of Agas - having one was the best decision we ever made - they take a bit of getting used to cooking wise - my advice is ditch the electric cooker, so that you have to use the Aga - you get used to it so much more quickly (you can also throw away the slow cooker now that you have a slow oven at the bottom).

    1. It takes two days for the Aga to heat up, but it is very solid, apparently came in a thousand bits. The house in Todmorden still needs finishing off, but the main building works are completed. The builders put the aluminum chimney things that fits all the way down for the wood burning stove upside down, so a cherry picker had to be brought in to put it the right way up..

  2. Gosh, house hunting in Yorkshire now? Good idea to be nearer the family, but not easy when you have to tick boxes for garage etc. Have you abandoned the idea of Wales and Cornwall now?

    Sorry I have been absent much of the summer, but things have been hectic here . . . Happy house hunting. I hope you get one with an Aga - our Hergom is the heart of the house here.

  3. Hi Jennie, Wales is still my favourite place, but it really is a toss up between Yorkshire and Cornwall. IF the cottage had three more rooms and a garden, and maybe out in the countryside we would live here because we both love it...