Monday, September 15, 2014

Pirates in Whitby

It was Pirate's Day in Whitby, so rather unexpected when we emerged from the wholefood shop to see these two women with their swashbuckling escorts in front strolling down the alleyway,
What the pirate was doing with the typewriter heaven knows.

Newton-on-Rawcliffe's ducks


  1. I must say that the word 'Whitby' has become synonymous with dressing up weekends. We rarely go because it becomes so difficult to park on these week-ends.
    I love your other photo - there are so many beautiful villages around there aren't there?

  2. Re your comment on my blog today Thelma - I found it sad too, watching those old ladies reminiscing about where their houses had been in that destroyed village. I also made me think of the terrible situation in the Middle East with all those hundreds of thousands of displaced people - they will probably never go home and their children will never grow up with a firm place of their beginning in their minds. So much sadness.

  3. Hi Pat, very true, children all over the world, are bundled into lorries probably to go to refuge camps and their lives are disrupted forever. As for the dressing up at Whitby, some of the best are WW2 people, seamed stockings, heels and fur tippets. There is an antique market in Pickering where you can find 1940s dresses as well..