Saturday, September 13, 2014


Penultimate day; we wandered round Whitby yesterday along with a lot of other people, and their dogs of course, Whitby is renowned for its dogs, (hear my son-in-law comments on the state of the place!) it truly gets packed, this is the Southend of the North, LS's parents used to come years ago on the coach and stay at the large Royal Hotel on the West Cliff.  Whitby has given itself to tourism like a good time prostitute, not quite what I meant to say but its garishness is a tonic for the soul.  Fish and chip eating people everywhere, goth shops, beautiful jet jewellry, fortune reading and perhaps LS's favourite haunt the fish shops, where you can buy three oysters at a pound each.  
The young gulls are fully fledged now and wander in their rather lovely grey plumage on the quay with that rather vacant blue-eyed look of the bird. 
Below is the rather ramshackle 'Bobbins' shop, which as you can see was once an old chapel the shop sells rather expensive crafted wools and hand knitted jumpers, especially the fisherman one. Here amongst the cheap goods are old wooden bobbins and toys.
Car parking is terrible, we pay £4.50 a day in the little car park in Silver Street, we went and saw Tom at the Reading Room Gallery and had a long chat about the family, he made us a fair offer on a space in his little underground car park for four months but we did not take it up.



  1. Wouldn't it be so lovely without all those people.

  2. Even lovelier in George Weatherill's time, he must have painted Whitby dozens of time, a sea of brown roofs and sail ships. We can be quite rude about the people ;) but I desist on my blog tis the weft and warp of life Whitby holidaymakers....the conversations we struck up in pubs with that lovely Northern accent you hear which I have to concentrate to understand, my grandchildren have it as well......we are just wretched southerners, you can see it in their eyes ;)

  3. I love Whitby's atmosphere. I think it is actually quite sober compared with Scarborough down the coast, which always seems Kiss-me-Quick hats and candyfloss! Lovely photos and happy memories for me. I wonder where you will end up . . .

  4. Hi Jennie, I don't know where we will end up, we have not sold the house yet for a start! Went back and looked at the house again, and talked to people who lived nearby, everyone is so chatty or nosey maybe? which may be a negative but they were lovely...