Friday, July 28, 2017


Yesterday was Lucy's birthday, ten years old, bouncing, bright eyed and mischievous still she has brought a lot of laughter into our lives.  We both love her but there have been times, especially with her need to wake up during the night and demand company that we could have quite happily shut her in the garage, not that she would have been quiet even then.  But we didn't and those 'hysterical moods' she was prone to have slowly disappeared.
Paul adores her and she flirts with him with her long eyelashes, never having experienced owning a dog before it has been a learning curve for him, so Lucy has learnt to wrap him round her paw!
She doesn't like walking, (similar to Paul) but loves the walk at the Wheeldale Beck, running alongside the beck, threatening to jump into the water and doing it sometimes.....
Her jump of joy when she is happy!

She has a three point view of the house from here, kitchen, hall and sitting room

Whilst I have been invalided with my ankle she has been a constant companion, teasing a lot of the time as she goes off with my knitting, magazine etc but her tail is always wagging!


  1. They steal our hearts so easily, don't they? Happy Birthday to your lovely Lucy.

  2. Lucy, what a wonderful companion indeed. Warm greetings to you and best wishes!

  3. Yes Thelma, dogs bring a lot of pleasure to our lives - Tess has been such a comfort to me over the past eighteen weeks.

  4. That sheepish look with the shoe is priceless.

  5. In your reply on my post Thelma you mention the green bean salad - I found the recipe in this month's Dales Life so you can probably find it on line if you fancy making it.

  6. Lucy's lovely - you can't beat a Cocker for love, loyalty and fun - they really are a brilliant breed of dog xx

  7. Thanks everyone, yes she is gorgeous, and as an older rescue dog, been with us for two years I would recommend taking on an older dog.

  8. She is adorable!! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!! We adopted a 10 year old rescue years ago. We had her for almost five years. She was a wonderful dog. Our older dog will be 12 this year. Our younger dog is a couple of years younger. I told my husband I'd like to adopt a rescue the same age as our younger when our lab passes. This way they'll grow old together. I hope you're feeling well. Enjoy your weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

    1. Thanks Wendy, totally agree, about getting another dog to live with the older dog, not sure if Paul agrees though....

  9. There's a fabulous range of expressions in the photos you've put up of Lucy.

  10. She has quite a personality! but spoilt of course.