Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday 26th July

 Photos of Todmorden, just a walk along the canal.  The interesting thing about Tod (that is what the locals call it) is that it is one of the new towns that is practising growing its own food, a trend that can be found in the new wave of transition towns.  Incredible Edible Todmorden.  Wander round the town and you will find beds of vegetables outside the police headquarters and round the market, pick your own soft fruit here for instance..... not sure how it works though.

Not a very inspiring place, lots of little shops that hang on.  Its neighbour Hebden Bridge is a great deal more sophisticated.

This is the town hall, half of it in Lancashire the other half Yorkshire
A statement by one of its supporters below, in a way it is like preparing for Armageddon, not sure I see it that way but self-sufficient communities are a way forward.  Strangely it seems that our government is looking at green ways, talk of batteries to convert the electricity we would make in our own homes from solar heating is being spoken of.  Then there is the news this morning that petrol and diesel will be phased out by 2040, though where all the power will come from has not been addressed, perhaps we make the power in our own homes for the electric car sitting on the driveway!

"There is no cavalry coming to the rescue," he says. "But what happens when ordinary people decide that they are the cavalry? Between the things we can do as individuals, and the things government and business can do to respond to the challenges of our times, lies a great untapped potential. It's about what you can create with the help of the people who live in your street, your neighbourhood, your town. If enough people do it, it can lead to real impact, to real jobs and real transformation of the places we live, and beyond."

Yesterday I sat on the garden bench whilst Irene and Paul weeded the garden bed, a magnificent job was done and I am so grateful ;). 

Transition towns

Excellent review by Eddie Proctor on Landscapism blog about Myer's Gallow Pole.


  1. Change is coming quickly (too quickly) and I believe the world will become a place in 20 years that we won't recognize. I would not be sad though to see the end of fossil fuels and a more sustainable energy that we all have a part in producing.

    1. Well we seem to have from one fossil fuel to another, but there is a small but strong movement taking us towards a better future - I hope!

  2. You have made Tod look a most attractive place Thelma - I haven't been but I rather want to go now. As for what will the place look like in twenty years time - well I shall not be here, so must concentrate on the here and now. Hope your ankle is progressing.

    1. My daughter loves it, slightly hippyish, though not so much as Hebden Bridge, it has coffee cafes, antique shops and of course charity shops. Hopefully next week have the plaster off!

  3. Tod sounds my kind of place. I found Totnes very inspiring recently.

  4. Totnes is of course a 'transition' place, and where the 'Resurgence' magazine team lives as well. Change takes a long time...

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