Sunday, June 20, 2010

dyeing experiments

Madder on wool and silk

Madder, indigo, alder, cutch dyes

cutch on silk and wool
Madder; wool and silk + white vinegar mordant(silk did not take properly) Wool pretty pink.
Cutch; 1 teasp.cutch/ 1 teasp.copper sulphate (mordant). Wool bronze/green, silk totally different.
Indigo (chemical); desertspoon tumeric/camellia ash (mordant) and half teaspoon of indigo.
Trying for green, but it came out dark blue, except on piece of silk. Wool only.


  1. Thank you for this. I AM going to do more spinning and learn to dye with more than blackberries or elderberries. I really AM. And then I am going to set my loom up and learn to weave. There. Now I can't go back!!

  2. when you've finished painting and then moving probably. To be honest only have a simple rigid heddle loom now, my beautiful 4 shaft one I gave away, because warping was too intricate for me sadly - needed another life!