Saturday, June 26, 2010


The little yellow water lily in the mill pond, a mirrored reflection. If you look into the clear water there are also leaves at the bottom, an under water world of slow moving green plants. But what else, today the Guardian has a horrific article on how the turtles are being burnt in the oil by the methods BP is using to control oil in Louisana. This of course a prime breeding place for several varieties of turtle, it requires no link. My Resurgence also came through the post this morning paying homage to Sustaining Life (obviously published before this disaster hit the headlines). There is a charming photo of two women in Nepal hand pollinating apple trees. But the label holds a darker message...
"Bees in Maoxian County, at the border between China and Nepal, are now extinct, forcing people to pollinate apple trees by hand. It takes 20 to 25 people to pollinate 100 trees, a task that can be performed by just two bee colonies"
The Guardian also has a fold out poster of all the creatures becoming extinct in Britain, another sombre message. Originally there were 19 bumble bee species in this country at the beginning of the 20th century, now there are only 6 species. They seem plentiful this year, and the plants both wild and domestic have flowered well after the late start to summer warmth. They are already predicting that this weekend will be hot, not good news for the tennis players at Wimbledon.
Not only Wimbledon dominates our tv but football as well, an email from my granddaughter asked which side I wanted to win - actually I hope England loses tomorrow and then life will become more peaceful. Someone in the neighbhourhood has one of those wretched noise making horns that are the rage in South Africa, hopefully a parent will consign it to the dustbin soon...

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