Sunday, June 6, 2010

A River

The last of the series of Halycon River has just finished, otters, kingfishers and dragonflies. The name of this river has been a secret throughout the programme and justly so, but in actual fact I know which one it is, having walked a different stretch of it. As I am always fascinated by rivers, it was a pleasure to learn the secrets of its wildlife especially the little water voles that are managing to survive, and in this last episode the large American crayfish which made an unwelcome appearance in this country a while back and seem to have taken hold of our waterways, but there was the little 'ark' streams which are trying to save our smaller British crayfish.
Well this small river has other aspects to it, some prehistory not too far away but it is best protected from the curious who may disturb the small fragility of its wildlife, so a couple of photos must suffice.

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