Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blakes Wood

Coppice and wood anemones

violet, wood anemone and celandine making a pretty vaseful
wood spurge

not sure, but pretty tiny flower

incredible blue sky

primroses in a cleared patch

this may look unexciting, but the unopened stalks are bugle.


  1. There was a bit of woods on a side hill near my home in Vermont. For most of the year it was unremarkable, but in early spring all manner of wildflowers bloomed. There were always a few flowers that I couldn't identify--somehow I really like to know them by name.

  2. Hi MM, I have an English wild flower book for identification, the point I always miss is to take a photo of the leaf which helps with narrowing the classification.I love woods at this time of the year, violets,wood anemones, then the blue of the bluebell, and the smell of ransoms (wild garlic) which used to fill a wood near Bath ;)with its white flowers