Saturday, April 30, 2011


Blakes Wood; This old wood is like a treasure trove of wild flowers, tumbled trees, the chainsaw has already been at work in another part of the wood, great piles of logs stacked up, the brushwood also piled high. Again we hear a cuckoo, twice in one week, are they making a comeback? There is also the noise, the branches rubbing together as the wind takes hold of them, creaking sometimes like an old sprung mattress. Dogs bark excitedly somewhere else, a labrador trots past his lower half wet where he has been in the stream.

starwort as well

pyramidal bugle amongst the bluebells


shaded areas giving a deeper blue

yellow rattle


  1. It's very cheering to see pictures of bluebells in England at the end of April. Yours are particularly beautiful.

    -- Miss Whistle

  2. Thank you for that, but its very dry here in Essex, bluebells seem to be weathering this hot weather, though the wind is always cold!

  3. The Bluebells have been superb and I have taken lots of photos whilst on my travels. The scent is something you could FLOAT on . . .