Friday, April 1, 2011

Beckford Tower

Looking at it, I realised that I had meant to write, or at least put on my blog the photos I had taken of Beckford Tower.  The hat shop has a golden cupola very much like the one on top of the tower.
Now William Beckford was an eccentric in the 18th century, he built Fonthill Abbey, which fell down after a few years due to shoddy workmanship of the builder AND its tower was too big.  So Beckford moved to Bath bought a Georgian terraced house on one of the upper slopes, and then bought another house on the other side of the lane, and promptly built a bridge (very much like Pulteney Bridge in Bath) to join them up.
From here he made a path (about half a mile) to the top of the Lansdown, where he built his tower, and he would ride up each day and read/write his books.  When he died the gardens of the tower were turned into a Victorian cemetery, with the most exotic and glorious gravestones I've seen in a while.
The garden itself was sunken, probably square, and what you see today is a tumbledown, ankle breaking grave yard filled with primroses and violets in spring.

Tower in the distance

Part of the slopes of the Lansdown, a steep walk up from the village, but early morning there often would be deer in the fields.

Jumbled gravestones
This is Beckfords grave, mounted on something that looks like a barrow with a ditch. Its rather empty, his wife had died before him and his daughter obviously did'nt want to join him.

These are a favourite because of the detail on the gravestones

The three intrepid photographers being taught by me on how to take interesting photos, not of each other all the time.  The camera was brought for the trip to Ghana

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