Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whitby and boats

A few days at Whitby with the family and working in the cottage, stripping wood chip. To be quite honest I was quite happy with the woodchip, scraping it of a whole room is no easy task, but apparently to the younger generation it is a 'no-no' in house decor.... A gas meter had to be installed and bathroom stuff ordered, all done now and waiting for the plumber to put in the central heating.
But one morning the early sun looked so tempting that I decided to photograph along the harbour, though the sun was almost directly in front of me. I had been trying to get a photo of a big yellow boat, which turned out to be a dredger but it had already gone out. Apparently a few days ago it dredged too near a sea wall and being undermined the wall fell down. Poor harbour master resigned on Monday over the whole affair, unfortunately denial that the dredger had been anywhere near the wall was contradicted by someone taking a photo of it near the wall ;)
I just love the roofscapes of Whitby, it has innumerable churches, and yards (We live in a yard) which are very medieval.  Something to do I suppose with the seafaring nature of the town.

Just catching the bridge
Boats and piers

Just across the water are two bridges in the centre

lobster pots

They reminded me of children's boats in the bath

shadows and water


  1. Oh dear someone will get a slap on the back of their bare legs for that then... I was in Whitby at the weekend for the Goth Festival. You have another Goth Festival this weekend and then other two at the end of the year. My main holiday is in August so save some great weather for me then please. And good luck with your stripping :-)

  2. Hi Jarmara,
    Yes I noticed the Goth festival, everyone promenading around town, its great fun. I had heard that it had factionalised (if thats the right word) so that is why there are more meetings. You should have got in touch. Might see you in August;) think my son-in-law is finishing the stripping, it was him that moaned about wood strip...

  3. Thelma - I will have to show these photos to Keith (he's the one with the Whitby ancestor.) We both love the town though - it has a magic all of its own.

    Good luck with that woodchip . . .

  4. Hi Jennie,

    It seems to have a fascinating history Whitby, there must be about 50 yards with tiny houses, want to write about the abbey at some stage, the church by its side is authentic 18th (absolutely hideous inside! it was on tv).
    Was it a seafaring ancestor?

  5. Sounds like you are missing the place; when are you moving up?

  6. Hi Willow, Yes I suppose I do miss the grandchildren now and then, but we are not really moving up for a while;