Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Falling staircase

Life is quiet at the moment, we've had visitors as well, but the funniest thing to happen over the weekend was related by my daughter.  First of all my cottage will undergo some work, and secondly my daughter and her husband are also 'finishing' off their house, which includes restoring the plasterwork to very high Victorian ceilings, painting the outside and having  new carpets (there was'nt an old one) fitted on the landings and stairs of a three floored house. 
Well unfortunately, the carpet layers turned up with carpets already cut for the small cottage; they had mixed a quote (for the cottage) and an order (for the house) up.  It was decided to fit this carpet, and they duly started at the very top of the house, where the two rooms for the boys are in the loft, and worked down.
Then fled the scene, so that when said daughter went to look at the stair carpet up to the loft, on coming down the stairs they started to collapse on her like a row of dominoes; the heavy hammering of the fitter having knocked out the old backing timbers. Her husband spent a couple of hours knocking everything back in, the moral of the story is that when you take on an old house, you will soon find yourself knowing its most intimate detail and weaknesses, from rising damp and slugs in the dining room to the fact that at one stage during its history, it was owned by a butcher who kept chickens in the loft.......

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