Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Catching up

Retiring to the peace of my blog would be a better title, sometimes I wonder why do I belong to a 'firecracker' group, every so often we get attacked.  Its a phenomena of the internet, the ability of faceless people to say what they want in the interests of 'free speech' and very little comeback.
Luckily they run out of wind very quickly, their arguments foundering on the deep waters they find themselves in.

So to more pleasant memories, I had been charged to find 'the wishing chair' in Whitby and bring back photos. So one morning Matilda and I set out to find the stone, it was supposedly outside Lidl on the outskirts of town, so we walked and walked with Matilda complaining every inch of the way till we came to the countryside but turning left spied Lidl in the distance, photo taken and carpet shop wandered round  we returned by a much shorter route back.  The stone is'nt a wishing chair but the socket for a mile cross to Whitby Abbey.

 Pannett Museum was on Matilda's list, she is like me very curious and also very craft minded.
The museum is a fascinating mixture of everything, beautiful jet jewellery vie with carved miniatures of jet. Ghastly Victorian dolls adorn the cabinets, along with stuffed birds, dusty animals, and pinned butterflies.  Beaded bags, little lace cushions and carefully stitched samplers, plus of course all the arrowheads, rock art and cup marked stones.  Tea and ham sandwiches in the cafe and we did another half hour looking at the exhibits.
Things that are good in Whitby; Boyes which is quite small but which sells everything, including the kitchen sink.  The little patchwork shop, in which we brought materials for projects.  Several fish and chip shops though Fuscos is the best, my eldest grandson had just started a week end job in one, there is talk of him not going to university at the moment, the £40,000 student loan he will probably be lumbered with, has made everyone think twice about spending three years at a university only to come out in a redundant job market.
Matilda and Lillie spent a day making bags, or at least I made Lillie's bags, the girls amuse themselves quite easily, in the shop (they were on holiday) they made houses out of boxes, and Lillie played her 'jack in the box'   game on unsuspecting customers..

The stone

Fireplace with hideous tartan carpet.

The only thing I'm not replacing

cottage with my share of the garden

And already there is a cause to fight for, the Donkey Field,  by the Abbey, which has rig and furrow still showing in it, I just love this photo of protestors and their dogs .

Residents fearing for the future of the Donkey Field near Whitby Abbey are petitioning to have the area declared a protected village green.
Recent sewage works have led to the area being transformed from a meadow into a muddy building site, with many residents fearing the area will never be restored to its original beauty unless official conservation measures are imposed.



  1. I like the little kitchenette. If nothing else a plaid carpet seems problematic if, as in most older houses, the room isn't quite square. The bars of the tartan going wonky in the corners would inevitably draw my eye.

  2. The previous owners came from the Lake District, so I'm not sure if they have affilations with Scotland. One of the joys in moving half way up England, is that we have easy access to that area, always been a Beatrix Potter fan, and also to Scotland as well, love to visit the islands...