Friday, March 11, 2011


Photos of yesterday, one walking down to our local shopping mall, and the other a miniature I have been struggling with the last couple of days.....
Making the minature has been somewhat difficult, will not use superglue in the future! luckily  managed to get it off before my fingers stuck together. 
Have been informed that screens come in multiplies of 2/4/6 not 3s and it needs a 'tea-wash' to antiquate it.;(

This giant has had the path skirted round it in due respect, in its hollow in autumn are great mounds of mushroom.

 The turreted forest of our dreams!

Miniature screen...


  1. Super glue is dreadful stuff--I did manage to stick two fingers together while mending something several years ago. I was in a panic until I was able to get it off--hot water, rubbing alcohol, picking painfully at the bits.
    I mostly avoid crafts which involve glue of any sort.
    I do admire your patient work.

  2. Well done, but I fear I am not patient enough for such dedicated work. I'll stick to sewing!

  3. Nail varnish remover is apparently the answer for superglue,but it is horrible stuff that leaks out of the tube anyway.