Monday, March 7, 2011



This I think is a weigala, it was in the pub garden, already out, though the blossoms called for me to take a photo, on closer inspection there was a lot of dead blooms, caught by the frost.  This photo captures the lovely grey/blue of the lichen along the branches.  It seems to develop on shrubs facing the wetter west, on the downs hawthorns were often covered with it and it seemed to hang down in fronds the older it gets.  

  Evening meal - fried noodles

For years I always cooked for the family and language students on a daily basis, but now my partner cooks every other day! bliss


  1. Lichens are intriguing. I had a fit of shooting them in close-up this winter--the ancient apple trees in the dooryard are quite crusted with them.
    Your tablecloth is fetching--I tried to determine if it is embroidered, decided the flowers are printed on [?]

  2. Its printed, but you gave me the idea of what to photograph today ;).

    Lichens are often very beautiful and are indicators of clean air I think.