Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photos of the day

Sometimes we need a moment of Zen, when our senses become fused with the environment we live in...

a crop of violets protected by a small tangle of twigs

The sun going down in the West in a last spectacular display

Turquoise mug for coffee, roses for tea.

The ritual of coffee at 10 in the morning

As she lies on the board, slightly erotic,
 is she pregnant? captured for evermore in a few strokes of the brush

Such elegant simplicity this female impersonator actor, draped in his red cloak


  1. I searched yesterday for violets, under the clothesline and behind the south end of the shed. Not quite warm enough for them yet.
    I am delighted that you have one mug for coffee and another for tea. I have two at the moment which I alternate for tea and one [with a chipped rim] for the only cup of coffee in the morning.
    Why do you suppose we do this?

  2. That coffee pot has been with me for nearly forty years. I bought from a ramshackle old hardware shop in Kyoto. It’s the Zen coffeepot of all coffeepots. It has chips in its lid and around its rim. It’s stained onside with a thousand brews filtered and smelt on a thousand days of happiness and despair. I will have my ashes deposited within it before it’s finally buried and we both move on to that great coffee shop in the sky :-)