Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Awards

For which I am very grateful, but not quite sure what to do with them - be quiet at the back!

My first always pops up on links  to various blogs and is from misswhistle in America, who writes on so many subjects that I am  overawed, but if it comes to nominations then she must be on my list as a nominee....
I love dogs, horses, food and the small miscellany of life that she writes about, and the glimpses that it gives me into American life.  Also I would like to add Morning Minion who has also been a favourite read for a few months now.

My second nomination came from Bovey Belle in Wales, land of my dreams of course, we are very similar in what we write about a keen delight in history and the world around us, and I have visited her fabulous house in the middle of nowhere ;) but is a place of ghost stories and beams...
Anyhow, this is, the photo of which I can't upload...
 The Liebster Award which is designed to be awarded to ‘small’ blogs with less than 300 subscribers to spread the blog love and get them out to a wider audience.

The rules are:
1. Post displaying the award, linking back to the person who awarded you.
2. Choose your own blog picks and let them know they’re awarded.
3. Hope everyone discovers some new favourites.
4. Revel in the blog love! Here are my choices to receive the award. Enjoy!

Well to be honest I enjoy everyone's blog, so I am not choosing, there is a big list down the side of my blog and I am quite happy with that!!

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  1. thank you very much. so happy to find signs of spring in england via your lovely blog. xx