Thursday, February 9, 2012


Starved of flowers over this winter, I have been putting some of my hundreds of photos on CDs from my now working external drive, it is a nostalgic journey through all my interests, walks in Wales, Somerset, prehistory, flowers, dragonflies, trees and rivers I record with an eye for colour and I think sheer amazement at the wonderful world we occupy.  My companion on these walks for 11 years was my dog Moss, and it is often  sadness I feel when he pops up in the photos, looking back at me because I am dawdling etc..
Anyway to the flowers, this rose came up, a lovely purple mauve colour, unusual and its blooms always used to dangle down because of the thinness of the stem, so that it needed support.... 

Old fashioned rose

Japanese anemones

This rose is quartered 


Tangling roses with a honeysuckle is pretty difficult  


  1. Those roses are divine! And isn't Rose Mallow just the sweetest blossom. :)

  2. Glad you like them, our weather is getting colder and colder at the moment.....