Friday, February 24, 2012

This and that

There I started out so confident with my patchwork, thinking to edge each 9 block with the green polka dot material but sadly it did not work, so I have sewn them all together and now waiting for the wadding to finish it off.  Neatness was never my forte but I am happy with the bright colours.  It reminds me of when I was at the convent boarding school, needlework in the evening and embroidering a cloth.  The nun in charge came over, me feeingl a certain pride that I had managed to produce a passable example.  She turned my work over,'this will not do the back HAS to be as neat as the front' - deflation and probably a lifelong insecurity ;) well maybe not but I do envy the neat people in this world!
 My cushion cover is wildly bright and fits the mood of optimism I feel now that spring might be on its way.

It was so warm yesterday, I had bought some herbs from the garden centre, mint, oregano and silver thyme and fragrant lily bulbs for summer show. Parsley and chive seeds were sown, and now I shall haunt the garden centre for those purple hearted cream foxgloves and the feathery cosmos plants for the garden that speak of summer.

I have three of these books, they are the Royal Academy annual paintings chosen for the year.  I had looked  up one of Vanessa Bell's teachers in them and yes he did have a painting exhibited, but a completely boring depiction of some worthy gentleman, and of course none of the Bloomsbury group would have appeared I suspect.  I love its binding and one day may even take photos of the paintings inside, and create an online virtual gallery.
The BBC are doing just that with John Peel's extensive record collection an online museum....

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  1. Sometimes a fabric I've planned to use in a quilt doesn't seem right when I reach that point, hence the quilter always has the excuse that more fabric is needed.
    Lovely colors!