Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well it fell in the night, 8 inches deep at least in the garden when I went to clear a space for the bird food.
There are about a hundred people on the green, most of them clustered round the small hillock on which the children toboggan down with great glee and shouts. How come its always despair on the radio when snow arrives, airports shut, roads impassable etc, etc but people, children and dogs love the white stuff.  I have never seen so many people about on a sunday, trogging into Asda buying snow shovels and extra food - English people love it, the sense of adventure and the newness of snow.  Dogs prance high dancing in the snow, then nose deep in the stuff look for buried scents, the little dogs snug in their coats with small snowballs caught on their legs prance along.

This is just the beginning of the sledges

starlings as always
And what of the birds, well having cleared a patch for them, the blackbirds dominate bullying away the smaller birds, robins, chaffinches  and of course the many starlings that haunt this part of the world.

We need more hills in Essex! 


  1. Enjoy your snow! I am very relieved to say we have had RAIN : )