Saturday, February 4, 2012

The river

The weather has at last become very cold, snow forecast for the weekend.  My patchwork had to be put on hold, because the materials I ordered didn't turn up. Checking back on the email, and I saw the wrong number in the address line.  Trogged down to the house to which it had been  addressed but the lady had already put my parcel back into the post box. 
so got in touch with the patchwork people, and they sent me another parcel which arrived yesterday.  She was very sweet at Cottonpatch but apparently all returned parcels go back to Belfast in Ireland and take ages to come back to the sender.

Yesterday we went for a walk down to the river, the weather sunny but cold and my photos managed to capture the peaceful sluggish movement of the water. The solitary swan kept upending in the water for food below the surface, slightly ruffling his dignified procession up the river, a couple of ducks suddenly flew up from the water skidding the surface as they always do, and the moorhens scurried out busily to ward off invaders.  I love the dying elements of the plants, nettles once so lush and green now lie crumpled and dead and the feathering of the bulrushes softens their death as well.....

patchwork materials a bit pale this time

The mill shorn of all it's green cover
This afternoon we are off to get some logs and coal, just in case the heating breaks down, LS does not enjoy snow but I'm fond of the crystal world it produces....

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  1. The landscape can be a bit dreary during these weeks when we are caught between winter and spring, yet the 'bones' of trees and grasses are intriguing.
    I'm admiring your new fabrics. I don't use pastels as often as the deeper mellow shades of red, gold, green and brown--what I think of as autumn colors. Its good that I have my fabric stash as nothing decent is available locally--a strange lack in an area [Appalachia] that has traditionally prided itself on being a locale of quilt makers.

  2. Is the quilt for your bed, or as a gift? Pretty colours. I have some cushions to make up for myself, but the kitchen has been arctic, so NO WAY was I going to make a start on them out there!

    A lovely river walk. I am hoping I may be able to get some exercise now that the anti biotics have helped a bit. It will have to be all on the flat though.

  3. Hi MM, I think I'm going for pastel at the moment because the cottage colours are white or magnolia, but have ideas for using some Japanese materials at some stage. Funnily enough, patchwork materials are not too bad to find, lovely patchwork shop in Bath (where I used to live) and there is a little shop in Whitby that is stacked high with materials.

    Hi BB,
    Think it's going to be a quilt, bought a book on the subject - A Quilter's Bible, so I can consult that for measurements and the next stage which I think is called 'sashing' its all a bit hit and miss at the moment.
    Do keep warm but is'nt it raining in the West?