Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Plas Tirion - Conwy

History and Welsh houses an ongoing fascination;  this link from LS  with its three videos shows the detail uncovered by the hard work of the owners, the house  Plas Tirion dated 1626 is probably of interest to BoveyBelle, but it is fascinating in its detail. 
So English gentry stamping its mark in the Welsh landscape, I have often wondered why the Welsh  don't revolt against us like the Scottish are doing at the moment....

One of my favourite houses is Tretower Court though this link is more about the castle in the grounds.  Tretower Court is approached through large wooden doors, into the small court with, on the first floor, a veranda. The solar room on the first floor is cosy and there still remains the atmosphere of being lived in.

 Tretower Court;  Creative Commons taken by Andy Dolman

Tretower Court;  Again Creative Commons  taken by  Andy Dolman

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  1. Ah, Tretower. My favourite house. I hope we will return there soon. Just off to check Plat Tirion now - I think we saw something about it on tv - fascinating place.