Saturday, January 7, 2012


Lille caught unaware just about to play hearing aids with wine glasses 
Row of Georgian Houses
Cobbled alleyway down to small cottage

West Pier with placid seas 

There are so many shapes on the skyline 

Whitby  early morning 

A belated Matilda birthday party.


  1. What a lovely walk. I love those little narrow cobbled streets. Memories of walking out to the end of the Pier with Gabby when we were there . . .

  2. I've just spent a pleasant few moments catching up with your photos. I've spent time on the Atlantic Coast in the US and Canada, but can't imagine a village such as Whitby. Blog touring makes for a good geography lesson.
    I notice you can now post comments!

  3. Hi to you both,

    Yes MM I have gained control of my blog, now have the new version, but still get messages from the different browsers which is annoying.
    As for Whitby, what you see historically is a town that has hardly any flat ground for building houses, so that the original small medieval cottages/hovels seem to dictate the narrowness of the tiny Victorian and Georgian houses as well..... One day I will photograph all the 'yards' especially 'Argument yard'??