Monday, January 16, 2012


The photos of Whitby are coming to an end, so a couple of the partly furnished cottage with patchwork on the beds,the pale turquoise one is from Laura Ashley fabrics at least 30 years old. So that was one of the reasons to take up patchwork again, it is not very good, but there are such a lot of books on the market that perhaps I can do better this time round..... Reading one and it said it's better to start simply with two colours, so I did 3 patchwork squares and decided on the blue one for the main affect, unfortunately the material shop is in Whitby and I realise I need  more of everything to finish it.......

Patchwork squares 
Attic bedroom

Middle bedroom 

The clutter of Whitby tiny back lanes


  1. How pretty the patchwork quilts on the bed are, and the work in progress. I have decided I will make a quilt each for the girls for next Xmas, and perhaps a manly-colours one for Danny too!

    I love the look of your cottage and the little winding streets. . .

  2. It's a bit frustrating not having any more materials, that link you gave to the patchwork online shop is great but too much choice! Think 3 quilts is a brave undertaking.

  3. The cottage rooms have a look of serenity about them--a place to retreat.
    Your 9-patch blocks are so dainty--I love the simple old patterns best.
    No need to apologize for your work--I instantly noticed you had placed the directional fabrics with
    harmonious consistancy.
    Crafting/creating seems to go with the semi-hibernation mode of winter. Since winter is a relatively short season here, I'm hoping to finish the two quilt tops I have in progress and undertake a third before time to garden.
    Some of the US online fabric shops group their selections by color as you might find in an actual store. It helps with the mind-boggling bit if you don't wade through the entire offering!

  4. Hi MM, thanks for your words of reassurance,they bucked me up when I was unsure of myself. Problem is that there is such a lot of good work out in the wider space of the net which I can look at and your quilts are beautiful also so neat, and that is where I fall down on - neatness!