Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas trees at St.Mary's Church, Whitby

This is the church that stands next to the ruined Whitby Abbey, and I do not find it particularly pleasing though Jarmara defends and likes it, its not exactly beautiful or churchlike in its proportions but nevertheless it is striking and very impressive.  It is very unusual in design, this part of old Whitby had been given the name of Prestibi by the Danes and it is said in the handbook that this represented the 200 years between Saxon and Norman times, and its unusual proportion lies in the fact of the earlier church at this particular time  dictated  the layout of the present church  The church itself is aiseless and has been so for its 876 years to date, it was first mentioned by name in 1120 AD, the galleries were put in at a later date to provide more accomodation for seating, and there is a great central iron stove with its iron pipe running right up to the roof in the centre of the church.
The Christomas trees are decorated and donated by local businesses, the high boxed pews and gallery are the show pieces that stand out, barley twist pillars at the beginning of the chancel which is an old part of the church, and I managed to capture another old set of pillars, not easy amongst the decorated trees.

Those two black paddle like things (hearing aid) were for the vicar's wife in the 19th C as she was deaf. Can't actually believe that because they are enormous but that is what is said on the plaque.


  1. How wonderful that it wasn't "done over" by the Victorians, who had a penchant for such "modernisation" . . .

    Next time in Whitby we will seek it out, though I have to say, the Christmas trees make it look so jolly it will be totally different without them!

  2. Thank you for sharing you christmas in Whitby, with us.

    Happy New Year to You and yours

  3. Hi to you both and Happy New Year as well.

    Cannot actually write anything on my blog at the moment, it seems to have really taken umbrage, it won't accept my browser, though I have the right ones. Anyway at least I can comment ;)