Friday, January 20, 2012

First attempts

My first attempt, this cushion is supposed to match the quilt my granddaughter received this Xmas from her great aunt. I had three pieces of material from Blonay, so a couple more were added from the Whitby shop. Quite pleased with it, but it has a mistake basically because I do not plan ahead....... but the strips idea was taken from the surround of the quilt....

I have been engrossed in some books my daughter sent me, not my type of reading, very rarely read fiction, but this was the trilogy of the Swedish author Stieg Larsson - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  It is an extraordinary tale of complicity and violence, though as my daughter says you can skip those bits.... Once you get used to a couple of dozen characters with Swedish names the twists and turns of the complicated plot lines are fascinating, a step up from Agatha Christie anyway...


  1. Wow, I love your beautiful pillow ~ can't believe it is your first attempt. You have inspired me! And you have a wonderful, creative blog here:)

  2. Thank you for the kind comment Tracy it is much appreciated, occasionally I ramble too much into different subjects.