Friday, January 13, 2012


This photo by Sutcliffe is of fishing folk in Robin Hoods Bay
Though we did not do any walks by the River Esk, it is so much part of the local geography, as lanes bend and wind down to the valleys where the river runs through, these rather dull photos do capture some of its spirit. The pub we stopped at down by the river had a large stuffed fish in the bar, caught in the 1960's by a young female, cannot remember what sort of fish it was, think it was a trout. There were fisherman in the bar talking about the river and fishing, a timeless occupation. The top photo was taken by Francis Sutcliffe a Victorian photographer and with what must have been very clumsy equipment took many photographs of Whitby. There is a gallery in Flowergate selling reproductions, very beautiful and reminiscent of the old fishing port.
River Esk viewed from the car

Esk is a slightly muddy river 

Pretty little bridge with stepping stones in the background 

Pub but may have been a mill at one stage in its history.


  1. The pub reminded me of a painting we have of Scalby Mill (outskirts of Scarborough). Same look about it.

    We bought quite a few of Sutcliffe's postcards from that gallery in Whitby when we were last year. Some are a bit posed, but they show how folk dressed then. My favourite if the old (great?) grandad with a little one snuggled in the crook of his arm, tickling the baby's toes!

    How nice to have a river to walk along by - bet it's pretty there in the summer.

  2. Although the general geography can hardly be similar these photos have a look of the creekbanks and roadsides of Kentucky. The photo of the old barn has an especially familiar feel.