Thursday, January 5, 2012

Egton Village and St Hilda's mortuary chapel

This will be a ramble through my photos;

I have, since childhood in fact, played the game of where would I like to be buried, my love thinks it is morbid, but as death is our ultimate end I think we should have a say in it, it is a bit like ghost stories and sci-fi, all of which I am interested in. 
So this expeditionary drive took us through some villages outside Whitby, I think we were heading for Guisborough.  Egton village was small and neat, typical for the area, but we turned down a lane following a large hedge cutting machine and then spied on the right along a grassy lane this small mortuary chapel.  Grey and bleak it was, as was the weather, but interesting to note on the notice board that the mortuary had replaced an earlier church.  The gravestones had that weathered mossy look beloved of all graveyard fans;) and it was very peaceful with views over the moors.  It captures times past a place of peace and rest, and no its not on the lists of 'would be', I am not sufficiently acclimatised to Yorkshire. But it also captures for me the grey rugged air of Yorkshire, you see it in the farms you pass on the moors; stout stone walls, small windows huddling away from the prevailing winds, a hard life in the depths of winter but beautiful at times.

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