Monday, April 9, 2012

Goth Week in Whitby

Goths are part of Whitby's mystique, given that it developed from some music between 1979 and 1983 (don't quote me though on dates) it has blossomed in Whitby - one day I will take photos of Goth shops.. but until then show some old photos of a Goth festival.  Those who like 'dark' writing will know what Whitby and Dracula has to do with it.  Someone on the radio was talking  about Edgar Allan Poe, a 19th century horror writer I read as a child, and I spent a lot of reading hours scaring myself to death with grown-up horror and ghost stories.  Denis Wheatley followed but I then grew out of this particular genre.  My son went through a Stephen King stage, so I would hunt books in The Guildhall Bath market stalls for him but only read one, I had obviously reached the end of gory books!
But it looks like I shall be in Whitby for the next Goth week, albeit the latter end, if the family come down to Chelmsford I shall go back with them on the 27th/28th of this month.

This photo is taken from Whitby photo

They posed for me

Glamour puss just down from the 199 steps


Sherlocks for tea, a treat place for chocolate cake!

Darth Vader (or the local firemen) and his forces scaring Matilda and Ben

Whitby has many things going for it, and Gothicism is one of them when people take pleasure in dressing up and promenading round town, it was funny hearing in one pub when last down, the landlord say to a customer in very downbeat tones about food and Goths, 'trouble is they only drink blood', but I often wonder whether the dark side of Whitby is the black jet jewellery you can buy in so many shops (though apparently it comes from China now) so reminiscent of QueenVictoria and her choice of jewellery after her husband's death....


  1. My eldest daughter was fascinated by the Goth clothing in Whitby shops - gosh, that's going back some years now! Have a great Goth Week.

  2. I shall be there dressed in my finery with my husband so please do stop us and say hello Thelma.

    Happy Goth weekend.

  3. Hi to you both, doubt if I shall be there the weekend, it is another Uni visit for Tom on Saturday, think it is in Middlesex somewhere....

  4. Im in the Darth Vader Pic.

    Its Matilda! :)

  5. Hi Matilda, so you are my fashionista follower ;)
    love Granny