Friday, April 27, 2012


Dark purples goodness know what pattern I will turn out!

I'm off for a couple of weeks down to Whitby this coming sunday and don't feel like taking my computer.  Bags packed, my new patchwork included, plus knitting of course.  Though there will be some house painting to do. I have a knitting book for Mary next door full of witches and fairies, as when we arrived last time she came running out with her newest project which was a knitted meerkat. Her husband was also full of news that time as he had fallen down and hurt his arm, so our long conversations, his Yorkshire accent sadly muffled by the traumas of a stroke will be one of the things I have too concentrate on.
Talking to my daughter yesterday and there is great excitement in Whitby and lots of police around as there has been a murder.  Matilda is terrified, her dramatic nature is not only given to the stage but plays quite happily in the home as well.  Apparently there was a police exercise early in the morning to, with divers and boats down at the quay, something to do with terrorism, though terrorists and Whitby hardly seem a match, it takes such a long time to get down to London!


  1. What beautiful prints you have to work with - are they Liberty? I indulged in some Kaffe Fassett prints for cushions for the girls, but have yet to sew MINE up!!

    Have a lovely time in Whitby - which really doesn't seem suited for murder or terrorism . . .

  2. Yes Jenny I also ended up making cushion covers out of some of the material from last time, plus dinner mats. But those purple fabrics were picked from their vast catalogue of materials and I got a template this time around, a patterned calico which you cut up into squares and then sew on your patchworks...