Saturday, August 4, 2012


These two photos are Matilda's photo of Falling Foss, she has not captured the small waterfall that is to the side of the cottage.  Set in the middle of the woods, this little cottage does teas on special days.
We had also been on an earlier trip, and whilst sitting in the car park a person with two dogs came back.  One was a friendly labrador carrying in his mouth something that looked disgusting but he refused to give it up.  When the owner finally got it off him, it was a badly decomposed deer head.
We are off to Whitby tomorrow, car loaded up, with the patchwork cushions I made and dozens of other things, pots of lilies are resplendent in the garden, so we might cut them and take them along, though their yellow pollen stains.
The photo of the waterfall is about as near as you can get, as it is difficult to get down to and probably dangerous as well as the bank is steep.

The trackway down  @ Matilda

Peter Church and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence


  1. Safe journey Thelma. What a pretty place (lovely waterfall). Tell your g.daughter she has captured the essence of the cottage.

  2. Thanks Jennie, looking forward to the trip.

  3. Beautiful cottage but nasty dog mouth contents! They really can be the pits. Snippet has stopped eating poo these days but when he was a puppy he got through pounds of the stuff.

    Have a great trip!