Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jackie Morris - art

Jackie Morris's blog, an artist and illustrator.  Came across her children's books at Solva Mill, brilliant illustrations, did not buy one because could not see my grandchildren reading them and it seemed a bit much to buy one for myself!  But reading her blog on cats had to make mention of her.  She is on Wordpress, which is not a bad blogger once you get used to it......


  1. Jackie Morris`s paintings have a mystical quality to them. Beautiful. We saw some of them in an exhibition at St David`s Cathedral a few years ago.

  2. I believe she lives either in St.David or around there. Her prints though are very expensive, I just love the ethereal nature of her animals.......

  3. I love her work too and visit her blog. I saw an exhibition of her work at the National Botanic Gardens when T worked there, and she is VERY good. Wish I could afford a print of hers too : )