Sunday, July 8, 2012


The rains have hit this part of Essex this morning. Steadily falling now, maybe there will be floods elsewhere but round here we have lots of green space to soak the water up.  Yesterday on the green in front of the house people did their exercises with a trainer.  This is a recent phenomena, people exercising on the green, we even have boxers training as well now, the steady thump of leather is a sunday morning noise. The greens are for dog walkers, children playing and teenagers chatting, a free space, one of the things you notice about Chelmsford is the space, large ample green verges, public gardens cycle paths and public footpaths, it does make people walk and cycle though.
Me I'm listening to Kate Bush's Aerial, a favourite but not every one's cup of tea and I am also spinning yarn, the sound of the wheel has a pleasant rhythm to it, the music helps, sound of the rain soothing.
Facebook informs me that the family is still at the Premier Inn in Manchester, they have been visiting relatives and will presumably travel back soon, I am always happy when they get back safely home.  Weird isn't it the computer plays me music, keeps me in touch with family, sadly it won't go down and make the coffee but still you can't have everything.
The old maple tree red leaves are a dark black now and I can spy a collared dove amongst the branches, flowers droop heavily in the garden, one shrub over burdened with flower lies almost on the ground.  My lilies are budding and I hope they don't flower whilst we are away.  They have that pretty red lily beetle that eats the leaves, I  remove the wretched creatures and transport to the front garden, not sure if they come back though. I under plant the lilies with nasturtiums, always love the bright orange of the flowers tumbling to the grass and they provide welcome colour before the main event of scented lilies.


  1. All my bigger hardy geraniums have been crushed by the rain too. I fear the damage is irreparable so they'll have to be cut down completely in the hope of a second show. I love reading your posts; I always find them relaxing - thank you.

  2. It is raining now, and so it goes on, hardy geraniums usually come round a second time. Thank you for the comment by the way I always chatter to myself without any real direction ;)