Friday, July 27, 2012

Stately Foxtail lilies and an old oak

On a very warm walk round Hyland House yesterday to look at the flowers, came across these foxtail lilies mingled amongst the astilbes.  Glorious spikes of tall yellow flowers, it's a desert plant, East Asian, Afghanistan is thought to be one of countries it comes from.  Always have mixed feeling about astilbes because their feather like appearance looks false, but there again always found difficulty growing them.
The old oak tree in its special enclosure is about 500 years old, the groundsmen do not mow the grass over the roots of the trees in the park but leave a patch of long grass to protect them.


  1. I completely agree about that feathery look. Probably better in great swathes but I wouldn't even bother trying up here. I have problems getting anything to flower that isn't designed for dry shade!

  2. 'Getting anything to flower' must be one of the great problems up on Dartmoor. In this garden I grow lots of things in pots, at least they have a decent amount of soil.....