Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A killjoy

Spider webs captured at Gors Fawr

Today my world is hot, and dare I say it, I don't actually like hot weather, it sucks the energy out of you, a perpetual bright sun beating down.  The wind hardly stirs, the wood pigeons and collared doves send their monotonous but so soothing talk out as they perch in the maple tree.  The little sparrows squabble at the feed holder, practically emptying one out every day.  Since we have come back the lilies are starting to burst into that exotic flamboyance, with their scent filling the garden every now and then. Bright orange nasturtiums tumble down, the first cosmos flower has shown its delicate petals.
Still my mind lingers in Wales, following the river Solva tumbling down its way or the bridge that we perilously crossed to see Jennie, the water tumbling down underneath. To be truthful it is not perilous just narrow but a good story has to have some drama.  Walking around the circle at Gors Fawr, the small stone circle almost hidden by reeds, treading carefully as the ground gave way in a squelchy manner, then the two tall stones a 100 yards away, start of a processional pathway, who knows but with Carn Meyn in the distance a 'sacred' site.


  1. Well it's hot here in the Preselis too today. Finally things are drying out a bit and it's not nearly as squelchy as it was last week. Your cosmos is beautiful - mine are yet to bloom.

  2. Well, it IS a narrow bridge, and it usually worries folk when they don't have to negotiate it daily!

    I hope it won't be too long before you are back down in Solva for good : )

  3. Hi to you both, sorry for being a grump about the weather, but down here in Essex the air is different!