Thursday, July 5, 2012


Well my photos have come to an end on blogger I seem to have used up my 1GB unless I want to pay monthly to Google, so maybe I am to be restricted to words but a bit of experimentation on Wordpress will not come amiss. So should produce a few photos from today.
We walked down to the river to see the ponies and their foals.  It was a hot and humid day and the foals, about 7, were lazing around in the grass, if not asleep they would wake and go and have a feed from their mothers.  Blue damselflies and demoiselle fluttered about over the leat.  This old leat has filled with water with all the rain we are having at the moment, so we stayed on the other side and watched them roll happily in the grass, sleep and thoroughly enjoy life as only young animals can.
Tonight of course the rains come back, another deluge is forecast for the Midlands, a month's supply of rain in two days, not sure that we will have it so bad but rain is definitely coming over from France.


  1. I have to pay a yearly fee of $5 for my blog photos--not a bad price, but the year's end seems to come around in less than 12 months. Young animals are a treat to watch--I'll pop over to the other site.

  2. To be quite honest I have just paid £15 for Flickr, if I remember rightly for a annual fee, so paying Google as well goes against the grain, but as Jenny says I could start deleting some photos I don't want which I may do.... The foals were lovely but it was so hot and humid they mostly slept.