Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sheep - Presilli Hill

Well these are just photos, three quad bikes arrived on the scene whilst we were waiting for our friends to return.  Actually they may be called something else, but each vehicle had three dogs apiece.  On this bike, two of the dogs leapt aboard and went over the hill in style, only one ran up the hill in about 2 minutes making a mockery of our 20 minute hike up.  The other 6 dogs  made it to the top in fast time as well!  The whole scene enacted out in front of us, the quiet sheep grazing in different parts of the area, were brought at a gallop down the hill to meet up somewhere in the distance.  It was quite spectacular, the little lamb rushing along desperately after his mother, the sheep in another field went over the cattle grid hopefully she was rescued.  Horses also roam this narrow cattle gridded lane, young foals as well.

First quad bike with three dogs

Sheep coming down the hillside 

Move on 


  1. Lovely pictures! It does amaze me how farmers' dogs do that and don't fall off. I'm gradually catching up with everyone's posts that I've missed. The internet could disappear again at any moment....

  2. Hi Em, must come and read everyone's blogs as well and catch up, but I brought some alpaca fleece to spin so I am going to get on with that this morning. Also was amazed by the dogs swaying on the quad bikes the hill ride was very bumpy...

  3. How lovely to see that bit of road on your blog! I saw those very same sheep and quad bikes on that day too - I wonder if I saw you? I was in the car that day but I often run along that stretch of road. It's usually just me, the sheep and the ponies though. If you're there again and see a runner in a pink cap, give me a wave!

  4. Hi Maggie, How extraodinary small world! Will give you a wave, but I shall make you stop as well for a chat;)