Saturday, July 14, 2012


Saturday and the rain still beats steadily outside though it has of course been sunny some times this week.  Canvas bag on the bed to be packed and then we're off on Sunday.  Avebury first, then Pewsey Church to take flowers for LS's parents.  I've always quite liked Pewsey as a place to live, one of those quiet forgotten backwater towns.  Then a meal in the evening by the side of a canal, with family and friends.
Then next day the excitement of travelling to Wales, the bridge over the Severn estuary confirming that you are entering a different country. My love affair with Wales started young, living in the Black Country as we did, weekend breaks over to friends who owned a farm was a joy.  We would stop by the roadside and my grandfather would cook bacon and eggs over some sort of stove.  These were hunting and fishing trips for him though as children we also sent to this farm in the holidays.  As I grew up, my elder brother kept a boat at Aberayron so I would go down there with him in his posh sports car.  Boats and my stomach don't necessarily agree, so it was riding for me with the landlord's daughter.  My friend in America came from Lampeter and we would go dancing in the evening, sadly she did not like Wales and has lived in America happily for the last, goodness knows how many, years.
Monday we shall be visiting Bovey Belle which I am looking forward to greatly ;) with American friends in tow, then Tuesday my job as a tourist guide begins, St.David, St.Non and then the three cromlechs round Newport. Wednesday will be a whole day round the Preseli hills to go spring hunting on Carn Meini, and I expect I shall shall again miss the chevaux de frise at Carn Alw but one day I will take the walk out to it.
So that just leaves us two more days on our own, which must always include Middle Mill the long walk down the pretty lane, high hedgebanks filled with flowers, somewhere I would love to live the mill by the bridge and the quick running River Solva.
 Going back to Solva is always tinged with sadness as well, as I miss my old walking companion, Moss so sensible and beautiful, always leading the way, and finding the way back should I get lost ;) , but I'm sure he comes with me in spirit.


  1. I see you have brought the rain with you!!! Never mind, it's dry in my kitchen, and I dare say I may bake something to keep your cake company : )

  2. Lovely to see you both again Jennie, all of us turning up having managed to find the 'weak' bridge. Lovely afternoon, plenty of talk ;) xx